Smart Leadership


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In order for every business large or small to thrive in today’s market, there must be a paradigm shift in the way they think about company culture.  In this insightful book, the author contends that culture is the most influential factor in employee productivity and performance. Author & speaker, Brett M. Hutton reveals what some of America’s most successful companies are doing to create exceptional and engaging cultures. You as a leader will learn how to navigate this often ignored and neglected entity by identifying and optimizing the dynamics that shape company culture. Learn how to take your company culture from ordinary to extraordinary in this thought-provoking read.

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Praise for Smart Leadership

“Smart Leadership, by Brett M. Hutton is one of the most insightful books about leadership that I’ve read in a long, long time. Although not a diagnostic tool by design, it holds great value from that perspective. As I read descriptions of the effects of poor leadership, I quickly identified from my experiences those same scenarios and could see the causes behind them that Brett was addressing. I highly recommend the book, but even more the author. Brett M. Hutton is someone who can help you turn your organization into a much more productive one.”

– Robert Cloyde, Senior Director of Development at Oklahoma Baptist University 

“A great read for anyone looking for a great book on Leadership. I have already passed this book on to my co-workers for their reading pleasure! I am struggling to get the copy back from them because they keep passing it along to other supervisors! I highly recommend this book to everyone in a Leadership Role.” – Stephanie 

“This book really challenges readers to think about the status quo of business leadership in a powerful and meaningful way. If you work at a company or run a company that is trying to improve the “corporate culture” this book is for you. This book is beyond just a great read, this book can be transformative for readers who are willing to apply the concepts found within the book.” 

– Clay Clark, Founder of

“Brett’s effective use of subject research, statistics and analogies prompt a thought-provoking read. The chapters each strategically establishing precepts to be built upon by the next. A recommended read for management and employees alike, the many takeaways are often multi-dimensional and are challenging to both employment positions. The book is a strong and definitive guide to either challenge employers to create a thriving culture, or direct employees to a culture where they can thrive.” – Amber Burke, Corporate Manager

“This book was captivating! As someone who has been a leader throughout most of my career, it made me think back to what type of leader I have been to my different teams. Smart Leadership also encouraged me to think about the leaders that I have had in the past. Mr. Hutton did an excellent job of adding personal experiences, movies examples, and quotes from many successful CEO’s to support his ideas. Smart Leadership is a very easy book to read, as it flows nicely and has great information. I believe this book would be beneficial for all leaders, as well as team members, to read.” –  Jodi Johnson

I know Brett personally and I can say the book truly reflects what he believes leadership should be and practices what he writes. If you are a leader who is interested in leading from the heart this book is a must read. It is both practical and insightful for anyone who realizes company culture is the essential driver of their organization. It is thought-provoking but uncomplicated in its structure and content with each chapter tied with the thread that people are the most valuable commodity of every company. Smart Leadership is heart leadership! – Ginger Craft