Smart Leadership


Brett’s Story

Leadership values drive Culture. When they are well-defined employees are oriented around common beliefs and goals resulting in higher performance and productivity. 

 – Brett M. Hutton, Smart Leadership

img_5689_clipped_rev_1Brett M. Hutton is a leadership author, coach, and keynote speaker. He is passionate about the role company culture plays in the success of every business. With over 25 years working in and studying America Business he has seen the impact of culture on the performance and productivity of employees; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Out of his own experience, Brett has given voice to what Smart Leadership should look like. Leadership that understands what motivates and inspires people to be extraordinary. Brett is a proponent of employee development stating leaders are leaving too much individual potential on the table in the workplace.   Brett speaks to groups both large and small, offering a “view from the middle” as he challenges his listeners to re-think the way they look at the influence of culture on employee productivity and performance. 

Brett is devoted to educating and training leaders on how to lead smarter, how to inspire a culture of innovation and creativity, and how to take your company from ordinary to extraordinary.

“As a leader, Brett has this ability to control an environment and bring stability to it even when other leaders are chaotic.”

– Shawn Miyahara, Manger, PLH Group Inc.

Brett holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Masters Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brett is a husband to  Monette,  his wife of thirty years, and a father to six millennial-aged children and two grandchildren. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.