Smart Leadership



Something I took away from the speaker was trust. Trusting that ideas can be expressed in a safe environment is so important. Megan C

I enjoyed any points… Conflict reveals where the problem is. Fear-based culture doesn’t build trust. Without truth, there is no trust. Shae M

I have gained a lot from Brett today. It was all so important. I don’t know where to begin. Thanks so much for having him here. Ellen M

Pushing employees up not out really stood out to me because it’s easy but hard to do, when we are stressed its difficult sometimes to keep your cool and react so they still feel like we’re on good terms, but we still need to look past any bad and still push employees up. Kaitlinn J

I really liked the practice the culture, Not just on paper. Rewarding the behavior you want to promote – this will be how we will handle rewarding employees going forward. Loyalty = retention. Abby W

Great speaker, really hope it opens eyes, about TRUTH being important. And full communication, not just part. And being open to everyone’s ideas. Darcey R

Keeps presentation entertaining and motivation keeps employees happy. Leslie B

I loved how applicable the information was for not just the workplace, but life in general. It really helps to understand how and why we communicate with our co-workers and staff as well as our community and fellow human beings. Kyla S

I liked what Brett said about culture – Set the tone, do what matters and VALUE who you speak with. Tracy P

Very good material. I look forward to reading his book. Justin L

I thought he was the best one yet. Glenn S