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Cultures where people are highly valued are the cultures that will thrive and excel, creating the most innovative products and services.
Brett M. Hutton, Smart Leadership
Brett has this ability to control an environment and bring stability to it even when other leaders are chaotic.
Shawn Miyahara, Project Coordination Manager
Your company culture defines you, but not the one you put on paper, the one you put into practice.
Brett M. Hutton, Smart Leadership
Brett's book is a recommended read for management and employees alike, the many takeaways are often multi-dimensional and are challenging to both employment positions.
Amber Burke, Corporate Manger
If you are a leader who is interested in leading from the heart, Brett's book is a must read. It is both practical and insightful for anyone who realizes company culture is the essential driver of their organization.
Ginger Craft, Administrator
Brett really got us thinking about culture and how it impacts results. We will definitely be incorporating his insights into our leadership strategy moving forward.
BJ Cummings, Enterprise Director, Stonebridge Consulting
Brett spoke at our annual seminar and was amazing! We were so appreciative that he came to speak to our group.
Kelley Newkirk, OCAPLTA President

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